October 02 2013


Shaped Black Lines, October 2 - October 12

Unveiled at the Helmut Lang flagship store in Paris, Anne Koch’s installation Shaped Black Lines reflects our shared universal landscape in a hyper-modernized state. By collecting information from beyond the terrestrial, a physical form is realized and manifested. The geometric shapes are created with sustainable oak sheets that have been blackened by stain, yet under the lacquered paint the natural wood grain is revealed- recalling the darkness just under water’s surface. The smooth textured finish illustrates the artist’s interest in contact and communication.

Specifically for Helmut Lang, Koch has created a limited edition capsule collection of nine ‘wearable sculptures.’ Fabricated out of nickel and plated with sterling silver, they mirror each other in form, yet each is distinctive. The pieces can be worn individually or as a unit, representing the interstellar landscape.

Experience Shaped Black Lines at our Marais Store, 15 rue Debelleyme, Paris 75003


American / Dutch artist Anne Koch has a dark and playful aesthetic developed by her European education and love of travel. As a performance and installation artist, she utilizes the environment around her by captivating viewers and drawing them into a world entirely of her own. She performed at the Tate Modern in London, UK, and exhibited her film “(eat) lobster 2011” at Art Basel Miami.

As a Production Designer in the fashion world, Anne Koch’s eccentric designs and ideas have been featured in Vogue Italia, Interview, The New York Times, Teen Vogue, V, Harper’s Bazaar, Numéro, Elle, Vanity Fair France/US and Purple Magazine in collaboration with photographers such as Paolo Roversi, Sebastian Kim, Paola Kudacki, Terry Richardson, Peter Lindbergh, Arthur Elgort, and Patrick Demarchelier.

photos by Anne Koch Studio 

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