September 11 2013

Q&A with Hair Stylist, Paul Hanlon

Tell us about the inspiration behind this season’s Helmut Lang hair. 

For Spring, we took a more contemporary, sophisticated, and architectural approach to the hair. In the past, we’ve done very textured and natural hair, but this season the clothes were more relaxed with a menswear’s vibe to it. We wanted the hair to be more finished and refined.

Nicole and Michael loved the idea of having a sense of masculinity to the hair, which is why we did a side part that was clean through the face area and tucked behind the ear. To balance it out and fit the inspiration of a modern day woman, we wanted the hair to feel free, loose and easy in the back with a custom Helmut Lang leather hair cuff. Nicole and Michael made these great hair accessories, which was a nice alternative to the normal hair band/clip that made the look very unique to Helmut Lang.

What’s the next “IT” haircut?

People are moving away from the long, hippie hair and going for a tougher, slightly tomboyish type of haircut that hits the collarbone.

How can we recreate this runway look at home?

Wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner and cut your hair regularly to keep the ends fresh. Use a nice styling product and blow dry your hair with a Mason Pearson brush to create a smooth and shiny finish. Complete the look by investing in a great hair accessory.

What look do you wish would just go away?

Alexa Chung’s haircut. The look is slightly tiring.  I miss the time when women in the 50s and 60s would spend a lot of time on their hair and go to the salon at least once week.

Who is your favorite hair-style icon?

Without a doubt Kate Moss. She crosses so many groups; she can do natural, beautiful, slick, masculine, and sophisticated hair. It’s all about how you wear your hair and feeling confident enough to rebel and try something different. 

photos by Ioulex

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